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  • Wynne Wins

    We know Kathleen Wynne likes to run, but this spring she was running against 10 years of baggage, a widespread time for a change sentiment, and more scandals than the opposition could fit in a 30-second TV spot. Luckily, she was also running against Tim Hudak. Given these challenges, the election was Hudak’s for the […]

  • 10 Years of Blogging

    Back when I first sat down to rant about politics on May 15th 2004, I never expected I’d still be doing this over 3,000 posts later. The blog has outlasted 3 Liberal leaders, been through 4 federal elections, and documented my involvement on a handful of losing leadership campaigns. During that time, Bart Ramson turned […]

  • A Reminder of the Unpredictable Nature of By-Elections

    Just 17% of Kitchener-Waterlooians voted NDP provincially last fall – nearly the same number who voted NDP federally last spring, in the midst of the orange wave. They hadn’t won the riding since 1943, when they were known as the CCF. So this isn’t a riding with deep NDP roots. And it’s not like the […]

  • Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    Ontario careens towards an election nobody wants… Ontario Liberals threaten election after NDP ‘breaks its word’ on budget Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty threatened to take Ontario to a general election Thursday if the opposition parties couldn’t agree on a deal to pass the budget. “This is about Ontario’s economic livelihood and our ability to continue […]

  • McGuinty’s Majority Move

    As I wrote on election night last fall, the line between majority and minority isn’t as rigid as it’s often made out to be. When the margin is this thin, one case of appendicitis can tip the scales and change the course of history. On Friday, Dalton McGuinty proved how fluid that majority line is, […]

  • Ontario Budget 2012: McGuinty avoids war with Hudak and Horwath, by starting one with unions

    During the minority government era in federal politics, we all grew accustomed to the annual spring budget dance – a popular budget full of election treats, and never ending speculation over whether or not it would trigger an election. Yet Dalton McGuinty’s first minority government budget felt different. Sure, Tim Hudak pushed out his chest […]

  • The Fall and Rise of Dalton McGuinty

    If I told you a few months ago there would be a picture of Dalton McGuinty waving on newspaper front pages October 7th, you’d have assumed it would be on the Sun, directly below a “GOODBYE! GOOD RIDDANCE!” headline . After all, when the unofficial campaign kicked off this spring, McGuinty was 10 or 15 […]

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