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  • Liberals: The Next Generation

    The Liberal Party is old. I’m not talking about its history, but about the faces it puts before Canadians. The average age of Liberal MPs in Ottawa is 56, with Scott Andrews their youngest at 37. The second youngest is some kid named Justin, but at 41, even he’s old enough to remember most of […]

  • How I spent my summer vacation

    Summer vacation lasted a bit longer for MPs than for the rest of us. If you’re just tuning back in now as our parliamentarians head back to the House tomorrow, here’s what you may have missed. For Justin, this was very much the summer of love. He ditched the suit for a pair of cargo […]

  • Royal Baby

    In case you were worried the Trudeaus just weren’t photogenic enough already… Justin Trudeau announces his wife, Sophie Grégoire, is pregnant with couple’s third child

  • Politicians in Cowboy Hats: Come Hell or High Water

    For a brief history of Stampede fashion, you can read the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 round-ups – or last year’s “100 Years of Bad Photo-Ops“ Flood waters cannot stop the Stampede and flood waters cannot stop politicians from the annual ritual of self humiliation known as the cowboy hat photo-op. Indeed, if […]

  • Canada Day Quiz

    Test your political skills with this 10-question quiz about the present – and the past – of Canadian politics. 1. You may not be aware of this, but Justin Trudeau’s father was also once Liberal Party leader. For half a point each, name the runner up in the LPC leadership races that elected Pierre and […]

  • Liberals Respond Justin Time

    When the Conservatives launched attack ads against Stephane Dion in January 2007, it took the Liberal Party three months to respond. Never again, they vowed. Next time we’ll fight back! Just Visiting first aired in May 2009, yet we didn’t see a rebuttal until Labour Day . So the first thing you need to know […]

  • This Just In: Voters Feel Negative Ads Are “Negative”

    Trudeau’s predictable win, followed by predictable attack ads, has been followed by an all-too predictable poll: In an EKOS Research Associates survey, 70 per cent found the ads “unfair” while 74 per cent said the ads were “unhelpful.” Asked to describe the ads, 84 per cent said they were “negative.” “The ads have backfired on […]

  • Justin Trudeau: Too Sexy For His Shirt, Too Sexy For Canada?

    The only thing more predictable than Justin Trudeau’s win in the Liberal leadership race was that it would be followed by Conservative attack ads. For those curious what the sequel to “Not a Leader” and “Just Visiting” would look like, the wait is over: It should come as no surprise that the ad is repugnant, […]

  • Trudeau’s Win by the Numbers

    Over the past year, there have been thousands of articles written about Justin Trudeau, his father, and his leadership campaign. Since it hasn’t been a big secret he was going to come out on top, we’ve also seen thousands of articles about what his win means. So rather than rehash what has already been written, […]

  • How I’m Voting

    Unlike past leadership contests where I’ve been fighting on the front lines for my candidate, I’ve watched the federal race largely as a spectator. Being away from a campaign offers a different vantage point, and I’ve enjoyed blogging my opinions candidly, as I slowly made up my mind who to support. With voting now open […]

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