2014: Year in Preview

We don’t know what will make headlines in 2014. After all, most political predictions are about as accurate as a Forum poll.

So I won’t try to guess how 2014 plays out, but here are a few things we can reasonably expect to see this year:

  • With the new electoral map coming into force, all parties will begin nominating candidates, as they gear up for the next election. And since the media loves election speculation, there will no doubt be more rumours of the 2015 election being moved up to 2014 – though I can’t imagine Harper would want to go to the polls before what figures to be a popular 2015 budget.
  • It’s likely that Robocon or the Senate Scandal will resurface at various points during the year. Moreover, senate reform could move to the forefront, especially if Harper decides to tack a referendum question onto the 2015 vote.
  • We know the Conservatives will introduce legislation on prostitution at some point this year, and you can be sure debate will continue to swirl around the Keystone pipeline.
  • We know there will be a by-election in Macleod, and we know the Conservatives will win it. More competitive will be Trinity Spadina, if and when Olivia Chow steps down to run for Mayor of Toronto.
  • Speaking of which, it seems likely that Rob Ford will continue to horrify and entertain us all right up to the October 27th municipal election. For one day at least, Torontonians will be right when they think the whole world is watching them.
  • New Brunswick has a fixed election date set for September 22nd. The Liberals, on the rise across the Maritimes and led by 31 year old Brian Gallant, are the favourites with a 2:1 edge over the ruling PCs in most polls.
  • Quebec and Ontario elections seem likely, and both should be hotly contested. Expect the PQ’s “Values Charter” to be a major election issue in Quebec, and transit funding to be front and centre in Ontario.

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    7 responses to “2014: Year in Preview”

    1. I’ll make one more. At least one MP will either quit their party or cross the floor. I have no idea who, but it seems pretty much every year this happens.

    2. Can a referendum and election be held on the same day? I think I read that they can’t. Maybe the senate vote could happen in 2014, and the Liberals would have to decide if they want to go against the 70 percent who say the senate serves no purpose.
      I predict in 2014 Mulcair will continue to outshine Trudeau and it will lay the foundation for a strong showing in the polls.
      I predict that renovations to 24 Sussex will be paid for by turning the residence into a legal brothel.
      I predict someone in the non-Sun media will tire of being a Trudeau fangirl and ask him a tough question and not let him evade it.

      • I wasn’t aware of the referendum rule – that certainly means it couldn’t be used as a turnout tool, but I suppose it could be a way for Harper to wash his hands of the issue and toss a bone to the reform wing of the party.

    3. If Gallant becomes New Brunswick’s premier, he will finally relieve PEI’s Robert Ghiz of the title of “youngest premier”, which he has held ever since he was elected in 2007.

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