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  • 2014: Year in Preview

    We don’t know what will make headlines in 2014. After all, most political predictions are about as accurate as a Forum poll. So I won’t try to guess how 2014 plays out, but here are a few things we can reasonably expect to see this year: With the new electoral map coming into force, all […]

  • Robocon

    The first charges in the Robocon Scandal have been laid against Michael Sona. Most interesting in this, is that Sona’s lawyer has signalled they intend to shift the blame to the Conservative Party: Neither Mr. Sona or I will be making any public statements beyond the following statement at this time. Although the charge is […]

  • 2012 Woman of the Year

    Every December, I like to name a “Person of the Year” – the individual who left their mark on Canadian politics over the past year. The only rules are that the PM is too obvious a choice, and that lame picks (“You!”) are strictly verboten. The Person of the Year doesn’t need to be someone […]

  • The Six "S" of Scandal Stickiness

    This time last year, the Tories found themselves engulfed in scandal – Carson, Contempt, In & Out, Oda… The opposition parties were licking their chops at the prospect of bringing the government down. We all know how that turned out. The scandals didn’t stick, and the result was a Tory majority. With the Nixonian references […]

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