Category: Quebec Politics

  • 2014: Year in Preview

    We don’t know what will make headlines in 2014. After all, most political predictions are about as accurate as a Forum poll. So I won’t try to guess how 2014 plays out, but here are a few things we can reasonably expect to see this year: With the new electoral map coming into force, all […]

  • Charter Polling Misses Mark

    For those hoping Quebecers would abandon Marois over her utterly repugnant charter, this is an encouraging headline: Quebec Liberals jump to 7% lead over PQ as backlash grows over values charter A recent boost in support for the Quebec Liberals means the party could secure a “hair thin” majority in the province if an election […]

  • Chopping Bloc

    The good news for the Bloc is that there’s now a bit more elbow room in the back of the caucus car: Maria Mourani, Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Ahuntsic, has been kicked out of the Bloc Quebecois caucus over her opposition to the controversial “charter of values” proposed by the Quebec […]

  • Nos Valeurs

    This is going to be a hot topic for the foreseable future in Quebec, and since hot topics in Quebec have a way of becoming hot topics outside Quebec, expect to hear a lot about the PQ’s “Values Charter”. Even Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi raised the issue again on his Facebook page today. I’m hopeful […]

  • Poutinesque

    With their raison-d’etre of separatism neutralized, one would have hoped the PQ would set to work trying to turn around Quebec’s economy. Instead…this: Quebec is heading into another fierce debate over the future of religious freedom in the province with the Parti Québécois government set to release a Charter of Quebec Values that could ban […]

  • Beau Risque

    The Quebec Liberal leadership race drew few headlines outside the province, but everyone is paying attention to newly elected leader Philippe Couillard now: Quebec Liberal leader Couillard sets sights on Constitution signing After a convincing victory on Sunday as new Quebec Liberal party leader, Philippe Couillard has his sights set on becoming premier and steer […]

  • The Name Game – Part Deux

    I’ve read a dozen opinion pieces by Quebec columnists over the past few months like this one from Lysianne Gagnon: Is Justin Trudeau really the Liberals’ best option? If the Toronto Liberal intelligentsia believe that Justin Trudeau, being a Trudeau and a Quebecker, can revive their party’s fortunes in Quebec, they are mightily wrong. (One […]

  • Charest’s Loss May Be Harper’s Gain

    Although the federal leaders executed Cirque Du Soleil worthy backflips to stay out of the Quebec election, the repercussions of this vote will be far reaching. Having a separatist attack dog in Quebec City – even one on a minority government leash – undeniably changes the dynamic in Ottawa. So who benefits? The Liberals Traditionally, […]

  • Jean Charest Exits on Top

    The headlines haven’t been kind to the outgoing Premier this morning: Jean Charest’s luck finally runs out, Charest’s Gamble Costs Liberals, Charest Has Only Himself To Blame For Quebec Election Defeat. I suspect many of these post-mortems were written before the votes rolled in last night, because the end result tells a far different tale […]

  • Quebec Votes

    The polls have closed across the Nation of Quebec. The campaign started as a truly unpredictable three-way race. It wasn’t hard to imagine a scenario where Jean Charest ran against the students and won. Francois Legault offered a real alternative to Quebecers who were sick of the traditional parties who have offered Quebecers nothing but […]

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