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  • Justin Trudeau: Too Sexy For His Shirt, Too Sexy For Canada?

    The only thing more predictable than Justin Trudeau’s win in the Liberal leadership race was that it would be followed by Conservative attack ads. For those curious what the sequel to “Not a Leader” and “Just Visiting” would look like, the wait is over: It should come as no surprise that the ad is repugnant, […]

  • Rae’s Day

    Every political commentator loves to say “timing is everything in politics”, and every Canadian political commentator loves to say that Bob Rae never had good timing. He had the misfortune of becoming Premier before he was ready to govern, and had the misfortune of governing during a recession. His “second career” is often portrayed as […]

  • Canada’s Greatest Losers

    Last week, Martha Hall Findlay and Karen McCrimmon declared their candidacies for the Liberal leadership race. This week, George Takach has taken the plunge. I’ve posted one blog interview with David Merner, and will have others with David Bertschi and Alex Burton next week. Deborah Coyne, meanwhile, has already released more fresh ideas than we’ve […]

  • Charest’s Loss May Be Harper’s Gain

    Although the federal leaders executed Cirque Du Soleil worthy backflips to stay out of the Quebec election, the repercussions of this vote will be far reaching. Having a separatist attack dog in Quebec City – even one on a minority government leash – undeniably changes the dynamic in Ottawa. So who benefits? The Liberals Traditionally, […]

  • Je m’excuse

    If there’s one thing these election results have shown, it’s that we all owe Stephane Dion a big apology. For the past 3 years, he has been the punchline of every political joke. He has been ridiculed, and treated as if he were the biggest failure in the history of Canadian politics. And yet, as […]

  • 2008 Man of the Year

    2004: Ralph Klein2005: Belinda Stronach2006: Michael Ignatieff2007: Jean Charest It’s time to crown the Calgary Grit “Person of the Year”. As the above list of past winners shows, this award doesn’t necessarily go to my favourite politician, or to the politician who had the best year. Rather, it goes to someone whose influence was felt […]

  • Third Annual Politicians in Cowboy Hats

    2006 Politicians in Cowboy Hats 2007 Politicians in Cowboy Hats A big thanks to everyone who sent in pictures or posted them on their own blogs. Let’s begin the photo round-up with the CP wire story’s winner and loser: And with good reviews from the Alberta media scarce during his time there, who can fault […]

  • Second Annual "Politicians in Cowboy Hats" Blog Post

    Everyone seemed to enjoy last summer’s Stampede fashion review so, after hitting all the major breakfasts on the first weekend, I’m pleased to present my recap of how the big names fared this year. For some historical perspective, the Globe & Mail offers up Stampede pictures throughout the ages. Ever since the disaster of 2005, […]

  • Stampede Round-Up

    It was a busy weekend for Calgary Liberals with a swarm of candidates descending upon the city for Stampede photo ops. Saturday morning was the annual Liberal breakfast, held this year at the Calgary Zoo. I was able to snap pictures of the seven candidates in attendance: Gerard Kennedy likely won the cowboy competition of […]

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