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  • In the Record Books

    These are not happy days for the party which has ruled Alberta since before Happy Days ever aired, but the PCs had something to celebrate this weekend as they passed Ontario’s Big Blue Machine Nova Scotia’s Big Red Machine to become the longest serving government in Canadian history. There are many reasons for their longevity. […]

  • Redford has no one to blame but herself

    No one, least of all politicians, likes to admit just how big a role outside forces play in one’s political success – and failure. Strong MPs are defeated when the national campaign goes south. Unexpected issues derail the best laid plans. Competing interests from within will undermine even the most successful leaders. That’s largely what […]

  • Ralph’s World

    After the passing of Peter Lougheed last year, another Alberta PC titan is gone, with Ralph Klein passing away at the age of 70. Although it is customary to offer tributes and praise at times like this, many of my motivations for getting involved in politics grew from a strong dislike of the way Klein […]

  • What’s the matter with Calgary?

    Dear Calgary, You used to be cool. You were the conservative rebel without a cause. You welcomed George Bush and Sarah Palin with open arms. You could always be counted on for a good pro-Iraq war rally. Ann Coulter called you “the good Canadians”. The man who embodied this Calgary image was Ralph Klein. He […]

  • Person of the Year

    Freethought has a debate going about the Person of the Year. They suggest the Iraqi people which seems a bit like a cop-out to me. Other winners: Time: George W. Bush Time Canada: Maher Arar Maclean’s: Chantal Petticlerc Globe & Mail: Chantal Petticlerc Since it’s a fun and easy topic, making it a nice change […]

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