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  • Fun with cluster analysis

    This is really a propos nothing in particular, but I stumbled across a nifty bit of analysis looking at the voting records of Toronto City Councillors. Using a cluster classification, the numerically-gifted Buzzdata user “Haz” was able to group City Council members into clusters as follows: For those who weren’t forced to spend your early […]

  • Fun with Numbers: The Conservatives

    Last month, I looked at ridings where the Liberals exceeded expectations. Today, a look at ridings where the Tories did better than we would have thought given what was going on around them. If you’re confused about what the numbers in brackets mean, check out my first post on this topic. I’m not saying it […]

  • Fun with Numbers: The Liberals

    As we learned last election, when the political wave rises, it’s hard to avoid it. If ever you wanted evidence of just how powerless local campaigns are, look no further than some of the quality men and women who were defeated by phantom candidates who hadn’t even set foot in the riding, never mind campaigned […]

  • Fun with Numbers: Most Volatile Ridings

    Unless Stephen Harper breaks his own fixed election date law (ha ha ha!), we’ll have a new set of ridings for the 2015 election. So for kicks this summer, I’m looking back at life in the old ridings over the past four elections. I already posted a list of the most exciting ridings in the […]

  • Could Have Been Elections: The Liberal-Democrats

    In response to my previous “what if” post on running elxn41 under a preferential ballot, a few blog readers wondered how the election would have turned out had there been a Liberal-NDP merger. The challenge with that kind of analysis is that we have no real way of knowing what 1 + 1 equals. Even […]

  • What Could Have Been: Elxn41 Under a Preferential Ballot

    One of the democratic reform initiatives that never seems to get much publicity is the preferential ballot. Yet it’s simple, assures the majority of the riding backs the winning candidate, and helps avoid some of the dangerous strategic voting mis-steps we see all too often. It’s how parties elect their leaders, yet we assume Canadians […]

  • Most Exciting Ridings in Canada

    We’ve now had 4 elections under the current 308 riding electoral map, a period over which the Canadian political landscape has completely transformed itself. 2004: 2011: Still, that doesn’t mean every local election has been exciting – after all, if you live in Calgary East or York West, your vote hasn’t been overly meaningful at […]

  • Predicting the Unexpected

    I’ll announce the winners from my election pool later this week. One of the questions there asked which polling company’s final poll numbers would hit closest to the mark. You can browse the numbers here. To pick a winner, I simply added up the difference between their numbers and the results, producing the following: Angus […]

  • Final Seat Projections

    I’ll follow up tomorrow with a round-up of all the final polls and projections but for now, here’s the running average. For those just tuning in, I assign weights to all polls based on sample size, the polling company’s track record on Canadian elections over the past 6 years, and the recency of the data: […]

  • Your Daily Seat Projections

    My final projections will be posted tomorrow, but we’ve already got the final numbers from Leger, Ipsos, and Angus. Here’s the running average: CPC: 36.5% (+0.4)NDP: 30.4% (+2.7)Lib: 20.8% (-1.9)Bloc: 6.6% (-)Green: 4.7% (-0.9) As a reminder, the following projections are based on 10,000 simulations, taking into account the polling margins of error, how shifts […]

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