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  • 294,002

    The Liberal leadership race is the first real test of the supporter system, and with the cut-off to sign up and vote now passed, we have our first indication of how successful the experiment has been: That’s over twice as many members as the NDP recruited last spring, and over 100,000 more than the highly […]

  • One Week

    I’ve been on vacation for the past week and, surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of bars in New Orleans showing the Liberal Leadership Debate over the weekend, so I’m not able to weigh in on how the candidates fared. However, that question is becoming less and less relevant, as a Justin Trudeau victory becomes more […]

  • And Then There Were 8

    Takach-mania is over: George Takach ends Liberal leadership campaign to support Justin Trudeau Montreal – George Takach announced today that he is ending his Liberal leadership campaign to support Justin Trudeau. Mr. Takach released the following statement: “When I launched my campaign for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada three months ago, I […]

  • Liberal Speed Dating Helps Voters Make Their Choice

    While the sit-down interview format of the last “debate” served as a nice introduction, the timid questions served up by Harvey Locke didn’t give us any sense of how the candidates would perform in the heat of an election campaign. Saturday, we were treated to a series of short two-way and three-way debates, with many […]

  • Star Wars

    Marc Garneau fires the first photon torpedo of the leadership race: Leadership means taking a stand I believe this leadership race is the time for the party to vigorously debate the issues of importance to Liberals, to Canadians; to define where we stand as a party; and to select the person who can best lead […]

  • Liberal Leadership Power Rankings

    During the NDP leadership race, I got into the habit of tabulating “Power Rankings” of how the different candidates fared on fundraising, Facebook, Twitter, polls, and any other shred of quantitative data I could claw my hands onto. The exercise wasn’t intended to predict the first ballot vote, but it actually came surprisingly close to […]

  • Liberals One-on-One

    My mind has been on the Ontario Liberal leadership race the past few months, so I’ll admit to not having paid close attention to the federal contest. Not wanting to feel left out the next time a lively debate over Karen McCrimmon’s proposals on income tax reform breaks out at a dinner party, I decided […]

  • Cast Your Vote

    The always insightful Pundits Guide reviews the federal Liberal Leadership rules and deadlines here, and suggests someone take it upon themselves to set up a sample ballot for the people of the Internet to stuff. So, here you go. Cast your vote.

  • Cauchon is in

    Considering how long people have talked about Martin Cauchon running for leadership and how long Martin Cauchon has resisted the urge to run for leadership, it was surprising to see him jump into the LPC race mere hours before the deadline to declare. It will be interesting to see how Cauchon positions himself, but he’s […]

  • Getting Dumped

    Today, Glen Murray bowed out of the Ontario Liberal leadership race and David Merner took a pass at the federal job. The reaction to both announcements has ranged from a shrug to an in-depth analysis on the impact this would have on the other candidates’ chances. Overlooked has been the human element. It’s never easy […]

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