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The always insightful Pundits Guide reviews the federal Liberal Leadership rules and deadlines here, and suggests someone take it upon themselves to set up a sample ballot for the people of the Internet to stuff.

So, here you go. Cast your vote.

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7 Responses to Cast Your Vote

  1. Paul O

    The poll is somewhat broken, at least on my iPhone: when you rank a candidate the poll will move that candidate to the appropriate spot in the list, then it will mark that same rank for the next candidate in the list.

    Then, although the poll CLAIMS to allow you to not rank a candidate, and thus have no vote tallied for that candidate, you may only do that for a single candidate or else your ballot will be rejected for giving multiple candidates the same rank.

    That is a FAIL. But nobody said internet voting was easy. They just said it was not secure nor was it secret.

    • Luke

      Also, the outdated list of candidates is too bad. Mark Carney is coming in third place.

      • CalgaryGrit

        It’s an updated list of candidates. I think you’re looking at the one PunditsGuide linked to.

        Right now, Trudeau, Garneau, and Martha are significantly ahead of the pack. Obviously, not at all scientific, but fun.

        • Luke

          Oh, I see. I did click on the pundit’s guide link.

  2. jared

    woo, go Marc!

    there is hope for Liberals.

  3. Vancouverois

    Go, Garneau!

  4. Aman Hayer

    Looks like there is a strong anybody but Trudeau trend emerging.

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