Chopping Bloc

The good news for the Bloc is that there’s now a bit more elbow room in the back of the caucus car:

Maria Mourani, Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Ahuntsic, has been kicked out of the Bloc Quebecois caucus over her opposition to the controversial “charter of values” proposed by the Quebec government of Pauline Marois.

“The member for Ahuntsic, Ms. Maria Mourani, has made comments that don’t reflect the position of the Bloc Québécois,” Bloc party leader Daniel Paillé said in a statement Thursday.

He said the charter is “a necessary and fundamental approach for the Quebecois nation.”

It’s a bold move for Paille who, just a few days ago, expressed concerns over Marois’ bill. I also tend to think it’s one he will regret.

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14 Responses to Chopping Bloc

  1. Vancouverois

    Hey. It’s not like she was ever a *real* Quebecker anyway… 😛

  2. Sean C.

    Nothing says inclusiveness like expelling your only non-white MP.

    • CalgaryGrit

      The Bloc has actually made some efforts over the last decade to reach out into multicultural communities…safe to say that’s over with.

      • Ted

        Yeah, especially win you consider that by removing their only female and non-white MP, the Bloc has literally just become a party of old white men…

        • Vancouverois

          Removed by a party leader who has yet to be elected to the House, no less…

          • Ted

            Also looks bad when you consider that Paille removed the runner-up in the leadership contest that elected him…

  3. Vancouverois

    Well, comments on the Bloc’s Facebook page are predominantly critical of this decision so far. Lots of people promising to tear up their membership cards, with only the occasional comment in favour.

    Not that comments on the Internet are to be taken seriously, of course. But it’s heartening all the same.

  4. Vancouverois

    Watching Ms Mourani’s press conference right now. As far as I can tell, she’s nailing it. You go, Maria!

    This is not going to be good for the separatists. ^_^

    • CalgaryGrit

      Yeah, even Jacques “money and the ethnic vote” Parizeau has been critical of this move. Admitedly, he has his own axe to grind, but still…

  5. daninvan

    i guess mulcair is buying a florist shoppe in hopes of courting Ms. Mourani… if she chooses, she could be a bit of a catch and set some positive vibes for one of two federal parties.

    • Vancouverois

      At the moment she’s still a Quebec separatist, though perhaps questioning. Until she definitively renounces separatism, he’s better off not recruiting her. After all, he has enough of them in his caucus as it is.

      • Art

        Really? I thought the NDP MPs from Quebec were all anglophones who didn’t speak French.

        I wish the internet would make up it’s mind.

        • Vancouverois

          No, only some of them are unilingual anglophones. Others are francophones of questionable loyalties. Remember Nycole Turmel?

      • CalgaryGrit

        It’s an interesting question as to whether the NDP or Liberals would take Mourani. She’s certainly popular and would likely give them her riding, but there would justifiable be hesitance over taking someone who appears to still be a separatist.

        Of course, if Mourani is still a separatist it seems unlikely she would even consider a floor crosing. Not when she has a decent shot at holding her seat as an independent.

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