Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves

Lorne Bozinoff, discussing Forum’s latest poll, explains what “should be clear by now”:

“It’s clear by now that the Trudeau phenomenon is no one-day wonder, and that a Liberal Party led by him would be the prohibitive favourite to beat in the next federal election,” Forum Research President Dr. Lorne Bozinoff said.

This likely makes me a bad Liberal, but if Bozinoff thinks Justin Trudeau is the “prohibitive favourite” to win the next election, I’m willing to put $1,000 on Stephen Harper – so long as he gives me “prohibitive underdog” odds.

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5 Responses to Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves

  1. wilson

    ‘If the election were held today’
    maybe, who knows,
    but there are an additional 30 seats in the next election.

  2. hosertohoosier

    In related news, former premier Mario Dumont, premier Andre Boisclair and premier Danielle Smith joined with Liberal leader and incoming Prime Minister, Frank McKenna, to wish Paul Martin well in his retirement after two terms in office (the first with the largest majority in Canadian history).

    • CalgaryGrit

      You know, it is weird to think that this probably is about the time Paul Martin would have resigned (plus or minus 1-2 years), had things “gone according to plan”.

  3. Paul O

    There’s some Justin discussion under another thread, but I thought I’d comment here about what was revealed today, through an interview he gave when he was young and foolish (two years ago, for those not following the story).

    Justin claims that it’s a terrible thing for Canada to be run by “Alberta”, and that all the great Prime Ministers have been from Quebec – telling Quebec that “Canada belongs to us (Quebecers)”. Today, he says that he knows that the future of Canada is The West – and that he’s been telling everyone this from “day one”.

    Does anyone have any record of him telling Quebecers that they aren’t “Canada’s future” but rather that the West is? Has he delivered this message in Atlantic Canada? Even in Ontario? Surely he isn’t lying about this having been his message. Surely someone has the tapes and transcripts.

    And while he’s telling the good people of Quebec that the future of Canada is in the West, he apparently also decries the “politics of division” he says are practised by the Conservatives.

    Wow. Just wow.

    • CalgaryGrit

      All the more reason why it’s ridiculous to assume Justin is the prohibitive favourite in 2015.

      There are going to be more interviews and old quotes dug up before this one is over. And the attack ads haven’t even started yet.

      There’s a lot of goodwill towards Justin, but anyone who thinks he’s the “favourite” to win the next election needs to use a bit more critical analysis.

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