Star Wars: A New Hope

According to Question Period today, it looks like the Liberals will back out of missile defense. This will mark a sharp contrast (notice the avoidance of the term flip-flop) to Martin’s position during the leadership race when Sheila Copps shouted about missile defense and Paul said we “had to be at the table”. This was significant since Paul’s time during the leadership “race” consisted of grandiose statements such as “I support puppies, sunshine, and lollipops…except without the skin cancer, rabies, and tooth decay.” In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the only two concrete promises made by Martin during the leadership race was that he’d say “yes” to Star Wars, and “no” to Bob Nault’s very good Native governance bill.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very glad we’ll be backing out of missile defense – it’s a stupid idea that will never work. But for a guy who promised better relations with the provinces and better relations with the States, Paulie’s not exactly coming through.

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