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  • The Census Returns!

    Here’s what I wrote about the Census back in 2010: The debate focuses on the long form. Those trying to axe the Census argue these questions are an invasion of privacy. “Why the hell should the government know what time I leave to go to work?” they shout angrily on their twitter accounts and in […]

  • Real Change

    Advance polls are open. Be sure to get out and vote.

  • Lawrence Toet – Great MP, or the Greatest MP?

  • Communications

    Here’s a fun exercise for aspiring communications directors out there. Complete the following sentence, in a way that isn’t offesnive: “I’m going to put this in terms of colours but it’s not meant to be about race…”. Now try that, using the words “whities” and “brown people”.

  • Rob Anders courts the truck vote

    Oh Rob Anders, don’t you ever change: “It’s a place with more trucks, and it certainly wouldn’t have elected someone like [Calgary mayor] Naheed Nenshi, or other liberals pretending to be Conservatives these days. I feel a real connection.” -Rob Anders, on his decision to seek the Conservative nomination in Bow River

  • Vote Out Anders

    “Secret Liberal” Ron Liepert has done what a mayor, cabinet minister, and premier failed to do – defeated Rob Anders. And, boy, do typing those words ever feel good. First elected in 1997, Rob Anders gained notoriety in 2001, voting against honourary citizenship for Nelson Mandela and calling him a “terrorist” – a sentiment Anders […]

  • A resounding “Non” to Pauline Marois

    Marois’ gambit for a majority ending in a blaze of spectacular failure. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving party.

  • A brief history of Stephen Harper supporting our troops (updated)

    “In 2006, after the Liberal ‘decade of darkness,’ we took action to rebuild Canada’s Armed Forces.” –Stephen Harper October 2010: “Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is scrambling to contain an ever-widening scandal in which officials deliberately tried to ruin the reputation of outspoken military veterans” October 2011: Veterans Ombudsman Questions Harper Government Cuts To Veterans […]

  • What’s a 9-letter word for obsessive preoccupation with one’s self?

    Behold, the taxpayer-funded, Brian Jean crossword puzzle!

  • Joe Who?

    Spotted by alert reader RC in a Boston Staples.

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