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In an effort to make amends with any proponents of the “traditional definition of marriage” (to clarify: Not the “traditional” definition in the biblical sense of having multiple wives, or not the 19th century “traditional” definition in the sense of a man’s wife being property, or not the early 20th century “traditional” definition where inter-racial marriages were banned…what I’m referring to is the “traditional” definition of marriage circa-2002) this site may have offended, I’m launching a brand new contest!

It’s the first annual “Know your Obscure Biblical Passages on what Constitutes a Sin” contest. Given recent comments by certain Calgary clerics, I’m offering up a FREE CAR to the first reader who can send in a biblical quote where Jesus condemns homosexuality! That’s right, this car could be yours!

Any passage in the New Testament will do! This is your chance to put those mornings in Sunday school to use! Enter now! Not only will you be driving off in an expensive car but you will be explaining the justification used by many in the Catholic Church to oppose same-sex marriage.

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