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-Today is the last day to vote for the Blog of the Year. There are a lot of close races out there and while I’m positive this blog won’t win, Calgary Liberals are all about the moral victories! So get out and vote! Sean Icognito, who is my choice for best new blog, weighs in with his predictions.

-My Blahg (which hosts the aforementioned awards) has an interesting post from a few days ago on contributions by big name Conservatives to their party. Or lack thereof.

Warren Kinsella picks up the key part of the Sgro affidavit we saw yesterday. He’s right to be skeptical, and he’s right to claim that it’s “the worst ministerial misdeed I can recall” if true. We certainly haven’t heard the end of the Judy Sgro saga. Between Sgro, Star Wars, Equal marriage, and the budget, it’s going to get very interesting once parliament starts sitting again.

-Great article by James Travers in the Star today comparing Mr. Martin to his predecessor. His concluding paragraph:

That’s never been easy in a federation as diverse and congenitally dyspeptic as this one. Chrétien just made it look that way and now Martin must find a way to emulate a predecessor he toppled with a promise that now seems sadly prophetic: He would govern oh so differently.

-Socialist Swine weighs in with the top 10 reasons to hate Ralph Klein. Well worth a read.

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