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Paul Wells must be snowed in today with his jazz records broken. Either that, or he’s making a last gasp push to win blog of the year. He’s gone on a mad posting spree and put up 10, count ‘em, 10, posts today. Among the highlights:

1. In depth discussions on Pepe le Pieu.

2. Speaking of skunks, Wells concludes that not much smells in the leadership review to date. It’s fairly much the same conclusion I reached after starting up the entire topic, although I’d still have preferred getting my damn ballot. And I’ll still be very suspicious when we see the final numbers. But I guess David Herle is too busy planning clever stunts (“hey guys! How about we send Liza Frulla and John McCallum to Harper’s house at 3 in the morning and they can shout insults at him to wake him up!”) for the next election. Which, by the way, I really can’t see happening before next fall, at the earliest.

3. Short sentences that contain their own punchlines

They’re sending Joe Volpe in to clean things up.

Heh heh. Although I am surprised that none of the eager Parliamentary Secretaries are getting promoted. Surely they’ve all been lobbying hard enough for a seat at the grown-ups table.

4. Martin sends a letter off to Danny Williams which begins, quite predictable with “I have been clear from the very beginning”. At times like this, I really wish there was a Canadian version of the Daily Show. The host could then read that quote and show clip after clip of Martin and the PMO fumbling to get their side of the story out on this.

5. Finally, we get more on McKenna’s appointment. Appointment being the key word since it doesn’t look like it will be reviewed, as promised. To be fair, Martin has been kind of rushed in to filling this position, having been publicly searching for an ambassador for at least 13 months. Wait 13 months and I guess it’s thoughtful review – wait 14 months to allow a review and people might start calling the guy a ditherer.

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