First of all, I’ve updated my links section. I axed any blogs that hadn’t been updated in the past month (including Andrew Coyne who is a manic depressive when it comes to his blog) and divided the links up. If I overlooked any blogs, let me know and I’ll add them. I also added a Best of CalgaryGrit section on the right for anyone who’s new to the blog and is, for whatever reason, feeling nostalgic about the federal election. Omitted from the “Best Of” section is my post after the debate where I say there is no way Stephen Harper can possibly lose the election.

I also encourage everyone to check out the “2004 Canadian Blog Awards“, brought to you by My Blahg. You can vote once a day in a wide range of categories. This blog is up for “Best Liberal Blog” – I’m currently trying to get Margot Aftergood to run my campaign. Keeping in mind that, being a Liberal in Calgary, the candidates I vote for always fail miserably, I think deserving winners would be:

Best Blog – Inkless Wells

Best Liberal Blog – Warren Kinsella

Best Conservative Blog – Norman’s Spectator

Best Group Blog – Freethought

Most Humourous Blog – Inkless Wells

Best Non-Political Blog – James Bow (although he did organize the election pool)

Best New Blog – Sean Incognito

And finally, Santa’s best gift to me this year was “America: The Book”, by Jon Stewart. I just finished it and it’s absolutely hilarious. I encourage everyone to read it.

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