Random Notes

It’s a good day for news stories as Parliament goes on winter break. Here are a few more, most courtesy of Norman Spector:

More signs of the democratic deficit?

The Ottawa Citizen’s Jack Aubry reports:

“Prime Minister Paul Martin has recorded a woeful attendance record in the House of Commons this fall, despite promises to restore relevance and importance to Parliament.

Mr. Martin showed up for less than half the question periods — 21 of 43 — since the minority government returned to Parliament in October after the June election.”

How do I get on this guy’s Christmas card list?

The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor reports:

“Liberal MP Paul Steckle is sending out an unusual holiday greeting to his constituents this year: a colour photo of his family dressed in camouflage and carrying rifles.

Mr. Steckle’s Christmas card shows the Ontario MP posing against of backdrop of corn stalks with his wife, his two sons and their wives, and his six grandchildren. Mr. Steckle’s sons hold long guns, and two of the young children sit on all-terrain vehicles. Another child holds a quiver of arrows.”

Community of Communities

Bob Fife: “Critics say that will lead to a checkerboard Canada and that you, in essence, are the head waiter for the provinces,” the reporter said, to be greeted with an icy retort.

Paul Martin: “Let me just tell you that’s just — that’s just sheer nonsense. I have and I always will defend Canada. That’s my role as prime minister and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to be prime minister.”

Small Shadow

The Alberta Liberals announced their critic portfolios yesterday. Rookie Dave Taylor is the deputy leader, while David Swann, not surprisingly, gets Environment. Laurie Blakeman in health, Rick Miller in Finance.

Fair and Balanced

Courtesy of freethought, a collection of media musings on Canada from the US right. Funny stuff.

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