Ode to Anders

Paul Jackson’s man crush on Rob Anders continues in today’s Sun:

I tell Calgary West MP Rob Anders he is known as the “rock star” of Canadian federal politics.

“Gee, I can hardly sing, and I can’t play one chord on the guitar,” he answers.

But, in a very real way, Anders is a political tidal wave.


If he and his strategists spot a riding that can be won by a Conservative candidate they go to bat for them.

This may well explain why, when some malcontents in his riding launched legal actions to overturn his re-nomination, national party headquarters spent an estimated $250,000 fighting to preserve his status.

And they won hands down.

He is just too precious to lose.


I agree — I’ve contended for some time if Harper can win a majority, and he will, he will become a beloved PM of our nation, and will be able to hold the job for as long as he wants. As for the issues, Anders offers this tantalizing aspect.

“By the next election we will have cut the GST to 5%, and at 3% the GST would be revenue neutral, giving the rebates to lower income Canadians and business. So we go into the next election promising to abolish the GST entirely.”


So there you have it. Anders, a winner all the way, revealing how we can win our entire country back.

Fawning aside, Anders’ musings on the GST are interesting…

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