A brief history of Stephen Harper supporting our troops (updated)

Harper troops

“In 2006, after the Liberal ‘decade of darkness,’ we took action to rebuild Canada’s Armed Forces.”
Stephen Harper

October 2010: “Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is scrambling to contain an ever-widening scandal in which officials deliberately tried to ruin the reputation of outspoken military veterans

October 2011: Veterans Ombudsman Questions Harper Government Cuts To Veterans Affairs

November 2011: Veterans across Canada protest against planned budget cuts and benefits

March 2012: Veterans consider suing MP accused of dozing off

April 2012: Veterans concerned over cuts to case workers

September 2012: Feds spent over $750,000 in five-year court battle against vets’ pension claim

February 2013: Reserve budgets slashed by almost 25 per cent despite Harper’s order to avoid front-line reductions

April 9, 2013: Danger pay reduced for Canadian troops in Afghanistan

April 21, 2013: Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan ordered to return danger pay

February 11, 2014: The Defence Department was effectively stripped today of more than $3 billion it had planned to spend on major new military purchases in the near future, in what amounts to the second major setback it’s faced in as many weeks.”

February 16, 2014: Former general Andrew Leslie accuses Tories of smear over moving expenses

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One response to “A brief history of Stephen Harper supporting our troops (updated)”

  1. You forgot the example of when, and I believe this was in 2006 or 07, near when Capt Nichola Goddard was killed in action. A parent of another fallen soldier questioned the action of the government — at which point the government heavy-handedly went on the offensive, calling that parent out as a ‘partisan’… I don’t recall the specifics but maybe someone else does?

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