Open Mic With Stephen Harper

A two year old video showing Stephen Harper doing fairly solid Diefenbaker, Clark, Mulroney, and Manning impressions surfaces.

Not a bad time for a distraction, eh?

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10 Responses to Open Mic With Stephen Harper

  1. Luke

    It’s amazing to contrast this little bit of whimsy with the robotic, camera-facing debate performance from the last election campaign.

    I’d suggest Harper and his handlers maybe should have let him be human in public earlier, and I don’t mean via creepy sweater-and-kitten photo shoots. I’m not the type to vote Conservative (at least not unless the get someone like Joe Clark running the show, and maybe not even then), but at least this kind of footage shows me that Stephen Harper might not actually be a humourless, sociopathic, iron-fisted monster. Which, I could only assume, might be a good thing for one’s image.

    • Vancouverois

      Wait – you’d consider voting for *Joe* *Clark* ?

      Are you the same Luke who was expressing distaste for the NDP’s national (dis)unity policies on the other post? Because I’m pretty sure that Joe Clark’s views align well with those…

      (Or maybe that’s one part of his legacy that you didn’t have in mind when you wrote this comment.)

      • Luke

        Yes, the same Luke. My positive feelings about Joe Clark come from comments he made about the relationship between the federal government and First Nations. This being within the last year or so. He expressed what I dare say could be qualified as sensitivity and compassion, traits I usually do not associate with modern Conservatives, and which I deem important in a political leader. I also have a positive impression of his character for reasons I can’t pin down.

        I don’t actually know much about Joe Clark’s history in government, apart from him being PM for a very short time, being active in the Mulroney government, and being a PC leader in the 1990s. I know nothing his position on Quebec. But it sounds like I would disagree with him, based on your comment.

        So that comment was no a fully informed one, rest assured.

  2. Paul Raposo

    The timing of this video release is convenient.

  3. Gayle

    Not only convenient, but I really wonder why it wasn’t released before? Why doesn’t he want us to see him like this?

  4. Brammer

    – Clement bashing public servants
    – “Look, Harper is human”

    The PMO finally found the remote. Now they can try to change the channel.

  5. Paul Raposo

    Why doesn’t he want us to see him like this?

    All I can figure is seeing that ridiculing Trudeau for his charity strip tease actually made JT more popular, Harper is hoping his, “Look, I’m fun at parties” schtick will capture an audience. Plus taking attention away from Duffy would help him right now.

    Personally I see it as; Harper mugs for the crowd, while Con senators steal tax dollars.

  6. Vancouverois

    Yeah… not impressed.

    I never thought he was a humourless sociopath to begin with, so as far as that goes it doesn’t change my view of him. But (at the risk of sounding like a humourless type myself 😛 ) I don’t like seeing the PM acting like a clown.

  7. MyOwnView

    Apparently Harper has spent a lot of time practicing – which puts this in the realm of mocking rather than relaxed. I didn’t see this spinning Harper in a positive light.

    I suspect Laureen was actually thinking ahead when she started trying to cut the schtick off – maybe realizing this was being recorded.

    This will make for bbq conversations but I don’t think will change the channel. Reports dribbling out all summer and into the fall will continue to put the story up front and centre.

  8. hosertohoosier

    That was a stellar Joe Clark, and an excellent Mulroney. “We will govern as if we had a majority” was a bit extra-funny too.

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