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  • 100 Years of Bad Photo Ops

    As you have probably heard a hundred times over the past month, the Calgary Stampede turns 100 this year. Calgary has changed a lot over this time. A seat at the 1912 rodeo cost 50 cents. Calgary’s population was 70,000. And, oh yeah, back then Alberta was a Liberal bastion, with the Grits holding 6 […]

  • Did the left blow it in Alberta?

    Even though the end result was a Stephen Harper majority government, the NDP took a giant leap forward last May. In one election, the party may very well have taken the first step in killing off Canada’s natural governing party, positioning the Dippers to one day form government. Although last Monday’s Alberta election was a […]

  • What Saturday’s Win by Red Tory Redford Means in Alberta

    Alison Redford was Saturday’s surprise winner of the Alberta PC leadership race. As stunned as frontrunner Gary Mar was, the most surprised may have been Alberta’s opposition parties, who had no doubt begun positioning themselves against Mar. So how does this shocker change Alberta’s already rocky political landscape? Progressive Conservatives Redford’s first task will be […]

  • Sixth Annual Politicians in Cowboy Hats

    For a brief history of Stampede fashion, you can read the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 round-ups. Although Rick Hansen served as Stampede Parade Grand Marshal, all eyes were on Will and Kate this year. I do find it somewhat perplexing how many of the same people who lambasted Ignatieff for his time outside […]

  • This Week in Calgary – Wild Race in Cowtown!

    Ever since a down-to-earth reporter stunned everyone 30 years ago, Calgary’s incumbent mayors have enjoyed cake walk after cake walk to re-election. They do their 3 or 4 terms, then ride off on horseback into the sunset, setting off a feeding frenzy to replace them. So welcome to the feeding frenzy. Dave Bronconnier announced in […]

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