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  • Election Post-Mortem: The Greens

    The Greens got 360,000 more votes in 2008 than on Monday – in fact, they lost a larger proportion of their vote than either the Liberals or the Bloc. And yet, the 2011 election will go down as a historic night for the Green Party of Canada, having elected its first MP. Making sense of […]

  • Before They Were Stars

    From vintage voter, comes pictures of our current leaders in their youth. Their hair and glasses were all bigger, though some things never change – even a young Steve Harper had issues with “reality”.

  • Fifth Annual Politicians in Cowboy Hats

    For a brief history of Stampede fashion, you can read the 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 round-ups. You never quite now what you’ll get at the Stampede. The boy from Calgary became a national laughing stock when he mistook the Stampede for a Village People convention in 2005. And the geeky Liberal pushing the carbon […]

  • Christmas Letters: Elizabeth May

    An exclusive look at Elizabeth May’s Christmas letter, after posting ones for Harper, Ignatieff, and Layton earlier this week. Friends, Hi, it’s me – Elizabeth May. From the Green Party. I was the lady in the debates last year. I know you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been up to. It’s not that I’ve been […]

  • Fourth Annual Politicians in Cowboy Hats

    2008 2007 2006 There were no see-my-vest incidents this year but, thanks to a few news stories, a few e-mails, and Jim Prentice’s facebook page, I’m able to present the fourth annual Stampede Fashion Round-Up. First up, the federal party leaders: Elizabeth May, quite fairly, won “worst dressed” last year, but the experts turned it […]

  • Third Annual Politicians in Cowboy Hats

    2006 Politicians in Cowboy Hats 2007 Politicians in Cowboy Hats A big thanks to everyone who sent in pictures or posted them on their own blogs. Let’s begin the photo round-up with the CP wire story’s winner and loser: And with good reviews from the Alberta media scarce during his time there, who can fault […]

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