Tag: Darrel Dexter

  • The Red Wave

    For a while, it seemed like PEI would be the last bastion of Liberalism in Canada. Nearly 10% of the Liberal Party’s parliamentary caucus hailed from the island, and with long-standing Liberal governments in Ontario, Quebec, and BC teetering on the brink of defeat, it looked like Robert Ghiz might be the last grit standing. […]

  • Provincial Unrest

    Angus Reid has released their quarterly Premier approval ratings. As per usual, Brad Wall is more popular than God, and everyone else is a little more human: Wall (SK): 64% approve, 28% disapprove Alward (NB): 41% approve, 50% disapprove Selinger (MB): 38% approve, 49% disapprove Wynne (ON): 36% approve, 37% disapprove Marois (QC): 33% approve, […]

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