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  • The Census Returns!

    Here’s what I wrote about the Census back in 2010: The debate focuses on the long form. Those trying to axe the Census argue these questions are an invasion of privacy. “Why the hell should the government know what time I leave to go to work?” they shout angrily on their twitter accounts and in […]

  • 10 Years of Blogging

    Back when I first sat down to rant about politics on May 15th 2004, I never expected I’d still be doing this over 3,000 posts later. The blog has outlasted 3 Liberal leaders, been through 4 federal elections, and documented my involvement on a handful of losing leadership campaigns. During that time, Bart Ramson turned […]

  • Stephen Harper Finds Science on the Road to Damascus

    Here’s Stephen Harper doing his best to stay out of the Enbridge pipeline debate – the biggest (non-soccer) controversy in Canada these days: Prime Minister Stephen Harper is defending the independence of the environmental review process underway for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, telling reporters in Vancouver the project will be evaluated scientifically and a green […]

  • Mandatory Response

    Lorne Gunter’s article on today’s release of short form Census data is so bad that it necessitates a response. Point-by-point: So the 2011 census results are being released today, or at least some results are. Is anyone else as surprised as I am that there is any data to announce? I mean in the summer […]

  • That Pesky Census Issue

    Yeah, yeah, I know it’s basically a dead issue at this point but, via Wherry, a comprehensive list of what that long form census data is used for: More than 50 federal government agencies and departments rely on longform census data on ethnic origins, visible minorities, citizenship and immigration for planning and policies, according to […]

  • Issue Management

    In all the pages and pages of Census e-mails and documents released Tuesday, the excerpt above is probably the most telling. Just 2 days before the Census changes were made public, an internal Communications Plan was circulated proclaiming “These changes will not have a negative impact on the quality of the Census. Response rates and […]

  • 7 Weeks Later, Tony Clement Springs Into Action

    Actually, his proposed changes are rather meek, designed only to avoid a court challenge: Stung by francophone anger, the Harper government is adding questions on French and English skills to the obligatory short-form 2011 census. It’s a bid to quell the linguistic minority’s fears that scrapping a longer mandatory survey will make it harder to […]

  • Tony Clement: Non-mandatory with the truth

    Tony Clement, on July 16th: “I asked [Statistics Canada] specifically, ‘Are you confident you can do your job?’ They said ‘If you do these extra things: the extra advertising and the extra sample size, then yes, we can do our job.’ ” […] Mr. Clement said the medical journal and other critics should trust Statistics […]

  • Being Tony Clement

    Tony Clement, explaining the government’s census logic: “Yeah, there are groups that are upset” about the government’s decision, Clement told reporters. “Hey, listen, they had a good deal going,” he added. “They got good, quality data and the government of Canada was the heavy.” Realizing fewer people will fill out a voluntary form, the government […]

  • Government by Truthiness

    It’s no wonder the Conservatives don’t see the value of having accurate Census data, when they’re going to disregard statistics completely: OTTAWA — Canada needs to spend more money building prisons because of violent criminals and a rise in unreported crimes, Treasury Board President Stockwell Day said Tuesday. “We’re very concerned . . . about […]

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