Tag: Battlestar Galactica

  • Don Iveson will stand the test of time

    Naheed Nenshi has built a reputation as Canada’s coolest mayor, at least among young progressives. He’s big on the Twitter. He’s hip (by politician standards). He’s funny (by politician standards). He shatters the (unfair) stereotype of Calgary as Canada’s redneck wasteland. However, Nenshi may have competition from Calgary’s rival city. While Calgary broke barriers by […]

  • Who Would Canadians Turn to in the Event of a Cylon Attack?

    Last week, Postmedia ran the most awesome headline ever: Conservative government’s order of succession shows Canada isn’t ready for a Cylon attack The article itself isn’t earth shattering, but it does raise an important, albeit often overlooked, question. Earlier this summer, a poll showed Americans trusted Obama over Romney to deal with an alien invasion, […]

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