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  • Stampede to the Polls: The Candidates Speak

    UPDATE – Joe Connelly and Naheed Nenshi have been added at the bottom Even though I only had time to profile four of the candidates running for mayor in Calgary (McIver, Higgins, Nenshi, and the since withdrawn Kent Hehr), I don’t want to completely overlook the other candidates. Some of these men and women have […]

  • What’s the matter with Calgary?

    Dear Calgary, You used to be cool. You were the conservative rebel without a cause. You welcomed George Bush and Sarah Palin with open arms. You could always be counted on for a good pro-Iraq war rally. Ann Coulter called you “the good Canadians”. The man who embodied this Calgary image was Ralph Klein. He […]

  • Right Turn

    Polls out today show fiscal conservatives ahead in Calgary and Toronto. Calgary (Leger, n=500 phone) Ric McIver 43% (profile)Barb Higgins 28%Naheed Nenshi 8% (profile)Kent Hehr 4.1% (profile)Bob Hawkesworth 3.9%Craig Burrows 3.6%Joe Connely 2.9%Wayne Stewart 1.8%Alnoor Kassam 1.4%Oscar Fech 1.2%Bonnie Devine 0.8%Paul Hughes 0.8%John Lord 0.4% Kassam and Hughes are actually out of the race. Likely […]

  • Stampede to the Polls: Naheed Nenshi

    Previous Profiles:Ric McIverKent Hehr In the third instalment of my 484 part series profiling Calgary mayoral candidates, I look at a man who has been writing about how Calgary should be run for many years. And he’s finally decided to do something about it. Naheed NenshiAbout Naheed: Naheed is a professor, a Harvard graduate, and […]

  • Let’s Get Municipal

    Calgary: Calgary is still buzzing over Barb Higgins’ entry into the Mayoral race, and there are reports she has hired Liberal strategist Don Lovett as her campaign manager. On the policy side, frontrunner Ric McIver has released his vision for Calgary, and Higgins has responded with her “policy framework“. Both are bland, unoriginal, and short […]

  • This Week in Calgary – Wild Race in Cowtown!

    Ever since a down-to-earth reporter stunned everyone 30 years ago, Calgary’s incumbent mayors have enjoyed cake walk after cake walk to re-election. They do their 3 or 4 terms, then ride off on horseback into the sunset, setting off a feeding frenzy to replace them. So welcome to the feeding frenzy. Dave Bronconnier announced in […]

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