Sing a Song for Jim

The Alberta PCs may very well be beyond saving, but if anyone can give new life to the 43-year old dynasty, it’s Jim Prentice.

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6 responses to “Sing a Song for Jim”

  1. The Alberta PC’s don’t need a “saviour”, they need a complete makeover.

    Prentice will NOT be successful as a premier if he doesn’t get good, credible, and competant people to run with him.

    If he has to deal with the current MLAs of the PC party, he might as well volunteer to drive a car-load of clowns: at least that woudld be entertaining!

    • I absolutely agree they need a complete makeover. But Prentice at least is well positioned to deliever that, coming from outside the party, and being a red Tory with good business connections.

  2. Prentice hasn’t lived in Alberta for the last 4 years. It is hilarious that the PC Party needs someone from outside the province to save the party.

  3. I’m of two minds… one of them wants Prentice to run because I think he’d be a highly qualified premier (with the side benefit of likely denying the federal tories of same when PMSH leaves)… on the other hand I’m so sick of the Tories here in Alberta that I just really really want them to just go go far far away.

  4. It seems like every new Alberta Tory leader gets a surprise majority government, and then they get knifed a few years later. Prentice may be lucky to even get the first part, based on where things stand right now.

  5. Forget Prentice – has it ever mattered who their leader is?

    The bigger question is why haven’t the Liberals (or NDP) looked for a leader that can advance their cause. The timing is perfect! The right will be split and the progressives won’t be tricked again into choosing a side.

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