How many Tory MPs does it take to screw up a light bulb fundraising campaign?

I know it’s still January, but we have an early contender for the most awesome political story of 2014:

Tory MP raising money to fight bulb ban her party enacted

OTTAWA — A Conservative MP’s campaign against her own government’s ban of incandescent light bulbs is directing the donations it receives to a Conservative riding association and giving contributors tax receipts for political contributions.

Renfrew — Nipissing — Pembroke MP Cheryl Gallant is leading the campaign against the Conservative government’s policy to phase out traditional light bulbs beginning this month.

The website,, solicits donations to the cause of saving traditional bulbs.

Yes, you heard that right. Cheryl Gallant is asking people to donate money to a Conservative riding association…to fight a Conservative Party policy.

I know this is going to be met with ridicule by some, but Gallant may just have stumbled upon a brilliant fundraising tactic for the Tories. For too long they’ve been limiting their pool of donors to individuals who agree with them, thereby overlooking the every growing number of Canadians who can’t stand what the Harper government has done.

So keep your eyes open for future fundraising campaigns such as: “Donate $5 to help restore the long-form Census!” and “Fight the appointment of unelected Senators – send us $90,000 today!“.

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One response to “How many Tory MPs does it take to screw up a light bulb fundraising campaign?”

  1. You know, I didn’t realize until only a few years ago that “From New York To LA” was actually sung to the tune of “Mon Pays.”

    Oops…wrong Gallant. I still say give ’em Hec.

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