Alberta Envy

From my view in downtown Toronto, things aren’t looking so bad in “redneck” Alberta these days…

Don Iveson is 34, supports public transit and the arts - and is Edmonton's new mayor.
Don Iveson is 34, supports public transit and the arts, loves Star Trek – and is Edmonton’s new mayor.
...and this guy just got re-elected with over 75% of the vote.
…and this guy just got re-elected with over 75% of the vote.

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3 responses to “Alberta Envy”

  1. Well I am not all that sure everything is rosy in Calgary. A couple of more progressive councilors lost their seats, and one of the vacant seats was won by a less progressive candidate (as far as I can tell – city politics being complicated). Clearly there is some anti-Nenshi feeling out there. His percent of the vote was apparently a lot lower than Al Duerr’s or Bronconnier’s on their first re-election, and Lord, who makes a habit of losing elections, and got only 1500 votes or so last time, got over 56,000 this time. Voter turnout was also down substantially. Not surprising when the mayor’s position is not hotly contested, I guess.

    The real danger is a grid-locked council. Plus the role of developers/ the Manning foundation is a little troubling.

    • I think you’re reading too much into it. 75 percent still a resounding endorsement on the part of Mayor Nenshi.

      The other three you mentioned were never seriously challenged while Nenshi faced a semi-serious challenge from John Lord. Lord mustered together a decent challenge which rivaled Al-Noor’s challenge of Bronconnier in 2007.

      As for city council, only two incumbent councilors were defeated. Sean Chu replaced Gael MacLeod and Evan Woolley replaced John Mar. Evan Woolley is definitely more “progressive” than John Mar. While Sean Chu is more conservative than Gael MacLeod. The most progressive faces on city council are still on city council.

      There were a few open seats. Ward Sutherland is probably more centrist (although I would preferred Chris Harper), while Joe Magliocca is probably the most conservative city councilor elected.

      Finally as for developers they have always had a large hand to play in Calgary City Council. However this time they were really unsuccessful. I think overall it is a step in the right direction.

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