The First Debate

Looks ready to me.

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2 responses to “The First Debate”

  1. My thoughts on the debates are as follows:

    (1) Mulcair was skin-crawlingly bad. Creepy. Awful. Fake. Unimpressive. Disappointing. I was beginning to reconsider the NDP despite my misgivings about their national unity policies, but dear me, that was gross.

    (2) Stephen Harper seemed much less robotic and scripted than the English debate last time around. He made loads of stuff up, and thus of course loses content-wise, but I can see how someone would believe him on his word if they didn’t really follow politics and were judging based on the superficialities of the debate.

    (3) Elizabeth May was by far the best at conveying that she has a decently comprehensive vision for the country that is grounded in a thorough knowledge of a great many things. I guess some assorted political folks figured she ruined it with some craziness about ISIS etc., but for me, one without much foreign policy knowledge, she sounded sensible. I was quite impressed with her. Just frustrated that she’s not leading a party that has little chance anywhere but Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

    (4) Justin Trudeau was a little awful at first — nervous, obviously scripted — but he came out of it pretty quickly and gave me the distinct impression of someone with conviction and passion for the country he wants to lead. I get a sense that, more than the others (excluding perhaps May), he has a way of seeing the big picture. Which is good. If I could pick a quality in a prime minister, the ability to take the details brought to you by others (e.g., ministers, aides, advisors, academics) and synthesize them into a ‘big picture’ understanding and strategy would be right up there. His closing remarks were terrible, but not in way that would influence how I vote. Just not my style. Anyway, I thought he did quite well and was at least no less convincing than Harper. For me, he restored the validity of casting a Liberal vote — a good option in my riding where Joyce Murray deserves reelection.

    In summary:
    (1) May – smart, clear, articulate, believable, honest
    (2) Trudeau – smart, passionate, sincere
    (3) Harper – smart, dishonest, comfortable, oddly likeable
    (4) Mulcair – creepy, slimy, disingenuous, sloganeering, disappointing

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