Rumeur Du Jour

I’m hearing that signature sheets are being circulated for a Martin Cauchon Liberal leadership run. If this is true, he’s cutting it close – the deadline to enter is this Sunday.

To date, 7 candidates have officially declared. Rumour has it David Bertschi will become an official candidate today, and David Merner will take a pass, leaving the final field at 8 or 9, pending Cauchon’s decision.

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6 responses to “Rumeur Du Jour”

  1. I have to say that a name that sounds like “cochon” is an unfortunate attribute for a politician in Quebec. Though it hasn’t stopped him in the past!

    I wonder whether he could take Outremont back from French citizen Thomas Mulcair?

  2. Seems late to be getting in the race, though I guess we’ve been waiting for him to enter the Liberal leadership since 2003.

  3. Just curious, but how do you think he’ll do? He definitely has better name recognition than both Murray and Hall Findlay, but he has been out of politics for a while…

    Personally, I hope he enters. Another strong candidate would be welcome, and it’d probably boost his chances of winning a seat (most likely Bourassa, if Coderre does run for mayor).

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