Alberta Votes Today

After the most only exciting election in nearly twenty years, Albertans head to the polls today, with the fate of the 41 year old Tory government hanging in the balance.

The polls all show Danielle Smith and her lovable band of bigots homophobes racists misfits up by between 7 and 10 points 2 and 10 points. It’s hard to say what that translates to in terms of seats, but the mean prediction of the 150 entries in the Great Alberta Election pool is: WR 42, PC 37, NDP 4, Lib 3, AP 1. Despite the poll numbers, over a third of all pool respondents predict a PC victory, so someone’s in for a surprise tonight – one way or the other.

I’ll be watching the results as they roll in with a dozen ex-pat Albertans. There will be Big Rock and there will be live blogging – at least until I blow .05 .08 and have my laptop taken away.

Until then, here’s a recap of the past four weeks:

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