The reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated

There’s a lot of excitement in Liberal land over the latest Nanos poll:

CPC 35.6%
Lib 28.1%
NDP 27.3%
Green 3.9%
BQ 3.9%

As much as I’d love to jump up and down and chant “suck it Peter Newman“, the reality is that this poll is essentially meaningless.

We’ve just been through an exhausting few years politically and voters are thinking about hockey and Christmas and the latest Justin Bieber gossip – federal politics is the last thing on their minds.

On top of that, the Liberals are leaderless, the NDP are leaderless, and we’re almost four years away from the next election. The popularity of a Nicole Turmel led NDP is simply not indicative of how popular a Brian Topp or Thomas Mulcair-led NDP is going to be.

So yes, this is great for rallying the troops, and it shows there’s at least some life in the Liberal brand – but it’s by no means a sign that the Liberals are on the road back to power.

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