“The Tories are not going to win. This campaign is all but finished"

Those are the words of Ipsos’ John Wright.

If Tim Hudak is worried about a Liberal-NDP coalition, there’s only one way to prevent it at this point – and it’s not by voting PC.

Ipsos (Sep 30 to Oct 3; n = 1200 phone)
Lib 41%
PC 31%
NDP 25%
Green 3%

Nanos (Oct 1 to 3; n = 826 phone)
Lib 38%
PC 33%
NDP 26%
Green 2%

Ekos (Oct 2 to 3; n = 1065 robo dial)
Lib 39%
PC 29%
NDP 25%
Green 6%

Quick! Someone get Dean Del Mastro to run a poll to prove these numbers wrong!

UPDATE: No need for Del Mastro. Angus Reid shows the PCs leading by 3.

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