And so it begins…

With a spring election highly possible (70% possible according to well placed and shockingly anonymous sources), the air war has started, with new NDP and Conservative ads released today.

The NDP ads start with “average Canadians” raising an issue – it’s a cute trick, since it shows Jack responding directly to Canadians. There are BC and Ontario-specific HST ads, along with this one:

So if you’re keeping track, Jack is now in his “making parliament work” mood. For those of you without your Parliament Hill decoder rings at home, “making parliament work”, “putting partisan games aside”, and “getting results” (for people?) can all be translated loosely as “rolling over”. Of course, even if Jack wants a way out, he still needs Harper to offer him one or we’ll be in an election campaign by month’s end.

And judging from the CPC ad buy (which has included Superbowl and Oscar commercials), they’re very much ready for that. The latest from our Conservative friends includes a surprisingly policy-related attack ad going after Ignatieff on corporate taxes.

There’s also a positive spot where you can see Steve playing the piano, see Steve in a hard hat, and see Steve visiting world leaders. Oh, and there’s a $16 billion dollar F-35 fly over:

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