Bonus TWIA – Polls!

Two new polls to report in Alberta.

First up comes the latest from Janet Brown, who has earned a solid reputation for projecting Alberta elections:

PC 40%
WAP 33%
ALP 19%
NDP 8%
AP 0.1%

I feel badly for Brown on this one, since this poll was in field the week before Stelmach resigned. A 900 sample survey isn’t cheap, and with the oil hitting the fan right afterwards, the poll loses a lot of its value. But, hey, at least we know the PCs were doing fine, even with Ed at the helm.

Luckily, Environics was in field both before and after all the craziness. Their conclusion? It didn’t change a heck of a lot. They didn’t notice an immediate shift in support one way or the other.

PC 38%
WAP 26%
ALP 22%
NDP 10%

Numbers like this have a tendency to get spun as “bad news” for all parties involved, so let me play the optimist for a change. The PCs are comfortably in front, likely in majority territory. The Alliance are a solid second despite most Albertans knowing little about them or their charismatic leader. The Liberals are down, but if they can get their standard 25-30%, they’ll make major seat gains due to the right wing vote split. The NDP are holding their ground, and could make inroads against a weak Liberal Party.

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