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After a slew of Tory ads on Monday, the Liberals have countered with a pair of their own.

Yes, these are attack ads – dark, both in colour and message. But it’s a substantiated attack. Harper IS bringing in a corporate tax cut and he IS buying the fighter jets. Those are facts. There are certainly valid reasons for making both decisions, but that’s the debate we should be having. Contrast that to the Tory ads which were nothing more than drive-by-smears on Ignatieff. Or, for that matter, some of the character assassinations the Liberals tried on Harper in past elections.

As for the ads themselves, they’ll sink or swim on the issues they discuss, but they’re certainly well produced. The flying jets and sound effects get your attention (remember the car honk at the end of those great CPC ads in the ’06 campaign), as do the coloured dollar signs up against a grey background.

Of the two, I think the corporate tax ad is more powerful. The rising cost of living line is something everyone can relate to (first seen last week). It’s easy to grasp the idea of a big tax cut for corporations (notice the stretch limo) at a time when you’re having trouble making ends meet (notice the frustrated family). Probably more so than spending on military planes which we may or may not need.

So, on the whole, a very strong response from the Liberals.

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