On the bright side, Ignatieff was picked as "the leader you’d most like to attend an Isaiah Berlin leture with"

Angus Reid has a fun poll out, where they ask “the beer question”, amongst others. In it, we learn that the mustached socialist is the “jock” of Canadian politics – he’s the one voters would like to have a beer with, or have on their sports team. Harper wins most of the “prime ministerial” questions – negotiating with other countries and representing Canada. Ignatieff, well, he’s the one voters would go to for a book recommendation, and they’d love to have him on their trivia team.

The question that really caught my eye was this one – “who would you prefer being Prime Minister in the event of another Quebec referendum?”. And, wouldn’t you know it? The firewall guy from Calgary wins hands down – 29% to 17% (for Ignatieff) to 10% (for Layton). It shows the kind of progress Harper has made in the eyes of voters over the past few years.


The other poll released this weekend (but fielded a month ago), shows McGuinty up 38% to 34% on Tim Hudak in Ontario. Nothing too surprising there – it’s well in line with what the Ontario polls have been saying over the past 5 or 6 months.

UPDATE: Angus vote numbers are out, and it’s 36-29…about the normal over the past few years…

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