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This may be a hoax, but here’s a transcript of a letter allegedly being sent out from Rob Anders and Stephen Harper, urging CPC members to vote for the Anders-friendly slate at this week’s AGM. Among the highlights:

Are you aware that there is battle taking place in Calgary West this Saturday? It’s between the true blue conservatives and “closet liberals”. It’s up to you and me to stop them from taking over this conservative riding. We cannot let the riding fall into liberal hands. There is a danger that if you don’t show up, this could happen at the AGM on Saturday.


*Be aware* – this group of “*closet liberals masquerading as conservatives*” have been plotting a take-over of the Calgary West Board of Directors.


*If you want to keep Calgary West a strong blue conservative riding, attend, and vote for the strong blue conservative slate.*

Thank you for supporting the Conservative Party of Canada,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Your MP, Rob Anders

Sounds like it will be a fun AGM – so, you know, if you happen to be there and want to send me a recap anonymously…

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