Opportunity Knocks

The only knock I’ve had against Dalton McGuinty in the past is that he’s been very risk-averse and has never really seemed to take full advantage of his time in power to bring about real change. He’s run the province well, but if Dalton were a font…well, I have no clue what font he’d be, but he wouldn’t be bold.

Tomorrow’s budget will probably be the best opportunity he ever gets to put his stamp on the province and to leave a legacy. The word of the year is “stimulus”, which means governments have been given a green light to spend to their hearts content, without worrying about balanced deficits or balanced budgets. So the money is there to do whatever he wants.

On top of that, with the PCs in leadership mode, there’s no opposition leader to take him to task or to critique him. So there’s likely to be little political fall-out.

He has the resources and political cover to be bold. I’ll be very curious to see what he does with this opportunity.

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