Budget Day

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Yeah, yeah, most of the juicy details have already been leaked. And, sure, the Liberals will probably let it pass. But, there are still a few things worth tuning in for:

1. Tax cuts? This appears to be the only issue that could cause the Liberals to vote it down – despite the leaks, we still don’t know how big the tax cuts will be.

2. The coalition response. Not their response to the Tories – we know what to expect there. But their response to the Liberals if they decide to support the budget. I’m curious as to just how strongly Layton and Duceppe will lash out at Ignatieff if he supports the budget.

3. The coalition dies? Will the coalition parties keep the threat alive, or will they finally just admit that the idea is as dead as the days of balanced budgets.

4. The budget. Not as a political document, but as a policy one. In all the hoopla, it’s easy to forget that this is the most important budget in 14 years. Just how effective will it be at stimulating the economy?

5. Ignatieff takes the stage. The question is not so much what he’ll do – the question is how he’ll do it, and how he’ll look and sound in the process. This is his first big test as leader, and it’s not easy to look good while rolling over with the whole country watching.

UPDATE: I’ll more thorough analysis later but, until then, here are the Globe, CBC, ITQ, CTV, and Canwest recaps.

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