Pro-Prorogue Polls

Sure, sure, we could argue over the proper spelling of “precedent” all night long but I know what you’re all itching for – polling data!

Angus Reid
47% believe GG should prorogue
37% believe she should let coalition take power

More people
watched Harper speak than Dion speak last night but, judging from what they thought of both speeches, that’s a good thing for Dion.

44% believe the Conservative minority has the moral authority to govern
31% believe the Liberal-NDP coalition has the moral authority to govern

Ipsos Reid
Pro-prorogue 68%
Coalition 29%

Election 56%
Prorogue 38%

CPC 46% Lib 23% NDP 13% BQ 9% Green 8%

We need a break 37%
Coalition time 28%
Election 19%

Harper government best to deal with economic crisis 47%
Dion coalition best to deal with economic crisis 34%

CPC 44% Lib 24% NDP 15% BQ 9% Green 8%

UPDATE: The Strategic Counsel mirrors these results. The country may be divided but, for once, the pollsters are not.

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