Mid-Week July News

I’ll be launching the “Biggest Election” contest later tomorrow (some good posts on the subject can be found here and here)

Until then, a mish-mash of news stories:

1. Kady O’Malley calls BS on Jennifer Wright’s claim that Green Shift has received “numerous angry and threatening calls and emails” from people mistakenly thinking they were affiliated with the Liberal Party. I must say it seems odd a normal person would be enraged about a plan not mentioned on Green Shift’s website to the point where they would call the contact number on the site to complain.

If this is happening, I feel kind of sorry for GRIT Calgary who must get hundreds of angry calls a year from irate conservatives upset about something they wrote on their damn blog.

2. Kady’s most excellent blog recaps today’s goings-on at the Ethics Committee In and Out hearings.

3. There’s new news about the alleged grewalling of the Cadman tape but, at this point, I don’t really care. The fact is, Harper said what he said – he hasn’t denied that. So everything else, while perhaps relevant to the lawsuit (and I don’t even see how it is), doesn’t change that in the least. He said he was aware of “financial considerations” regardless of what may have happened to the tape- that’s all that’s really relevant here.

4. As someone who enjoys numbers and politics, I can’t begin to describe just how much this site rocks! Simulations! Projections! And heaps and heaps of polling data! For what it’s worth, their current model has Obama pegged at a 68.8% chance of victory.

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