Super Tuesday…Wednesday Edition

Was out at a Super Tuesday party last night and I forgot to toss up an open thread beforehand so here’s your chance to weigh in on the results. With California still counting, it’s hard to get a firm delegate count, but all indications seem to point to Hillary winning the night slightly and being up by about 100 delegates overall, based on the strength of her “super delegate” (who comes up with these names?). Louisiana, Nebraska, and Washington are up this weekend, followed by the Washington DC area on Tuesday…without looking at the polls, that would seem to be fertile Obama ground so this thing could be all knotted up a week from now. Or not. Who the hell knows?

On the Republican side, John McCain (whose french fries I adore) is sitting pretty. McCain was certainly their most electable candidate so it’s not a huge surprise he’s risen to the top. However, a bizarre “Republicans for Hillary” movement seems to have emerged – Ann Coulter (who shouldn’t really be taken seriously) was talking about campaigning for Hillary against McCain last week. This morning on Newsworld, I caught Michael Reagan (Ronald’s conservative son…not the Liberal one) calling her “Reaganesque” as he trashes McCain. You’ve got to think this means Huckabee will make the ticket as the VP but even then, McCain is going to have a tough time getting the staunch Conservatives out to vote, even if he soaks up a fair number of independents.

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