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Mulroney adviser asked Schreiber to transfer Airbus funds, affidavit alleges

I think it’s important to remember that these are just allegations…by a very shady individual. But it’s certainly going to have the opposition shouting even louder for some sort of re-opening of the file. Because if it’s true…wow…

In far less sexy news but probably a lot more relevant from a public policy perspective is this story:

OTTAWA – More than 12,000 refugee claimants are stuck in a steadily growing backlog as the Harper government continues to dawdle on filling vacancies at the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Despite a flurry of recent appointments, the IRB reports that there are still 43 vacancies in its 127-member refugee-protection division, which adjudicates claims for asylum.

The backlog of claims is swelling by about 1,000 each month and reached 12,414 by the end of September.

Each claim is taking an average of 14.3 months to process.

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper took power 21 months ago, there were only five vacancies on the board and the backlog of claims had effectively been reduced to zero for the first time in a decade.

Yup, the questions in the House will be all about Brian on Monday but I’d sure like to see Diane Finley try to explain why her government has dropped the ball on this.

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