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1. The latest Ipsos poll has Canadians warming to Stephen Harper. OK, so they may not yet feel about him the way Ellen DeGeneres feels about homeless puppies, but it’s getting there. 58% of Canadians want a majority government and 58% of those want a Tory majority. Which means Harper is looking at a pretty solid base of 34% of people who want a Tory majority.

2. Mario Silva has proposed a national “Pierre Elliot Trudeau” holiday to celebrate Xavier Trudeau’s birthday. In the words of UWHabs I just can’t wait to see the PET Day parade in downtown Calgary“.

3. Although it doesn’t look like we’ll get a crime election, I do kind of miss the prospect of the inevitable “child pornography moment” it would be sure to generate.

“If they have a problem with the area on dangerous offenders, and that’s the hill they want to die on, standing up for dangerous offenders in this country, that’s their decision,” Nicholson told reporters.

4. The PQ is proposing a bill that would prevent non-French speakers from running in elections or donating to political parties:

Under the proposed law, immigrants who can’t speak proper French after an appropriate apprenticeship in provincially funded language courses would be forbidden from running for election in provincial and municipal elections as well as those for school boards.

PQ Leader Pauline Marois said she sees the measure as “normal.”

Normal? Well, for South Africa, maybe. But to deny someone the right to run for School Board trustee on the West Island because they can’t speak French? This is absolutely insane.

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