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Cameron Strategies has a new poll out and there’s a real Alberta stampede of voters away from Ed Stelmach. Still, the news isn’t all good for the Alberta Liberals, who can’t seem to capitalize on the “free agent voters” out there. The result is a remarkable 36% undecided rate – I don’t think I’ve ever seen numbers that high in political polls. As a result, the potential for one of those once in a generation Alberta political shifts is there…it remains to be seen if anyone is able to capitalize on it during the general election.

PC 32% (-22% in January)
Lib 16% (+0%)
NDP 11% (+2%)
Alliance 5% (+2%)

PC 30%
Lib 17%
NDP 8%
Alliance 5%

Ed Stelmach Approval Rating
Strongly approve 7%
Somewhat approve 38%
Somewhat dissaprove 20%
Strongly dissaprove 11%
(Calgary: 38% approve, 40% dissaprove)

Right Track/Wrong Track
Right direction 26% (-28% from January)
Wrong direction 30% (+20% from January)

Top Issues
Healthcare 29%
Homelessness 22%
Crime 17%
Infrastructure 15%
Education 13%
Rent Control 12%
Taxes 11%
Drugs 11%

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