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The Liberals have a new TV ad out today and, after skewering their french radio ads last week, I can safely give this one the thumbs up.

Even though it’s an ad about the environment, it’s not really an ad about the environment. This is undeniably a response to Tory messaging that Dion is a weak leader, so we see him leading the international climate change conference, bringing countries together, and having the “President” label in front of him as he triumphantly bangs the gavel to applause. It’s hard to deny those aren’t good optics that paint Dion is a very favourable light.

There are also six radio ads up on the site – three in English, three in French. The first two are on poverty which is a nice change from the all environment all the time focus. The third is a translation from the brutal french radio spot that attacked Harper for attacking Dion.

The first two French radio spots are direct translations from the English poverty ones. The third is on the environment incredulously asking about Harper’s road to Damascus conversion to the environment.

Would have liked to have seen this a bit earlier but, better late than never.

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